Next Generation Firewall 2017-11-18T14:47:04+00:00
Application Visibility
Visibility into your applications, web traffic, threats, and data patterns.
Visibility based on users and groups – not IP addresses.
Comparative view into traffic and threat patterns.
Detailed analysis of all your traffic and device activities.
Customized reporting for all traffic and device activities.
User Visibility
Users: an integral component for secure application enablement policies.
Visibility into User’s Application Activity.
User-based Policy Control.
User-based Analysis, Reporting and Forensics.
Integration with any user repository.
Enterprise-class IPS
Enable full IPS protection while maintaining performance.
Blocks a wide range of known and unknown vulnerability exploits.
DoS/DDoS attack protection.
Market leading threat discovery and research.
Data Filtering & File Blocking
Enabling applications while blocking unapproved or dangerous files by type.
Enabling or denying the use of file transfer functions.
Prevent data loss with pattern-based content identification.
URL Filtering
Control Web Activity with URL Filtering.
On-box URL database maximizes performance and flexibility.
Customizable URL database and categories.
Customizable end-user notifications.
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